James Franco’s ‘SNL’ promos crashed by a ’30 Rock’ star

12.03.14 3 years ago


James Franco”s “SNL” promos crashed by a “30 Rock” star
Check out Franco”s “Christmas miracle.”

Jennifer Lopez to play the “Parks and Rec” nanny?
Amy Poehler tells Michael Ausiello that the actress playing Ben and Leslie”s nanny “rhymes with Bennifer Topez.”

Bill Cosby tweets “thank you” to Whoopi Goldberg
On “The View,” Goldberg has been one of Cosby's staunchest defenders.

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David Simon posts “The Wire” clips comparing the old full-screen vs. new HD version
Simon offers clips showing both how his acclaimed series benefits and is hurt by the HD remastering.

“Breaking Bad”s” unreleased pilot script was part of Sony”s massive data hack
Vince Gilligan”s original script was nabbed as part of the massive Sony Pictures data hack. PLUS: For $31.49, you can buy a Walter White lamp.

“Flash” boosted by crossover with “Arrow”
Ratings for last night”s episode were up 7% from last week.

Nielsen: Live TV viewership continues to decline
A new Nielsen study found that live TV viewership decreased by 12 minutes to 4 hours and 32 minutes a day as viewers opt for alternatives like Netflix.

Mariah Carey to sing live tonight on NBC after skipping last night”s taping
Mariah, according to TMZ, was supposed to tape a performance last night for tonight”s 30 Rock Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Instead, NBC will broadcast her singing live.

Is “The Mindy Project” hurting itself by not introducing Mindy”s parents?
“There”s a reason that 'meeting the parents' is such an often-used sitcom trope,” says Anna Silman. “Particularly in a show about the relationship between urban professionals, the eventual introduction of the parents can provide a deeper insight into adult characters who may have seemed thus far to be living in a vacuum.”

“Jersey Shore” premiered 5 years ago today
It was supposed to be the worst thing on television when it premiered on MTV on Dec. 3, 2009. Yet everybody on the first episode of “Jersey Shore” looks so innocent from today's perspective.

Check out more photos from PlayStation”s “Powers”
Here”s how Eddie Izzard looks as ''Big Bad'” Wolfe.

HBO to show Season 2 of “Doll & Em”
The British series will feature cameos from Evan Rachel Wood, Olivia Wilde, Ewan McGregor and Mikhail Baryshnikov in Season 2.

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