‘James Gandolfini was real. He was special. You could feel it’

06.20.13 5 years ago


“James Gandolfini was real. He was special. You could feel it”

“Friends felt it,” says Matt Zoller Seitz, who first met Gandolfini in  late 1998, covering “The Sopranos” for New Jersey’s Star-Ledger, just before the HBO series premiered. “Colleagues felt it,” he says. “People who talked to him for five minutes and never saw him again felt it. People who never met him in person and knew him only through his performance on ‘The Sopranos’ felt it. It was real. It was deep. It was true. James Gandolfini had an authentic connection with viewers. Everyone who watched him perform, in a starring role or a bit part, came away feeling understood.”
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