Jane Krakowski should have dozens of Emmys

09.18.15 2 years ago

Jane Krakowski's perfection has many sides. She won a Tony for her saucy in performance in “Nine.” She won an Olivier Award for her performance as Adelaide in the West End revival of “Guys and Dolls.” Plus she's been nominated for two Daytime Emmys and now five Primetime Emmys — but she still hasn't picked up a TV statuette. Now that she's back in the running with a nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series thanks to “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” we get to vaunt her many gifts once again.

Here are five other times the “30 Rock”/”All McBeal” vet deserved accolades for her onscreen flair. 

1. That time she announced her love for Bill Gates

It was the 2000 American Comedy Awards, and Jane Krakowksi decided to proclaim her lust for Bill Gates. “Floppy/hard” innuendos abound. 

2. Jane helpfully tells Tina Fey she sees herself in her.

When Tina Fey won the Mark Twain Prize, Jane showed up to sing “I See Myself in You” and the unofficial U.S. national anthem “Muffin Top.” It was, perhaps, the most inspirational moment in the ceremony.

3. She took three minutes to be a better Peter Pan than Allison Williams.

Peter Pan: Pixy Dust Addict. See you on Lifetime!

4. That time she announced she was officially a “Funny Girl”

“Sadie, Sadie” with new coquette flair! Take that, Streisand.

5. And oh yeah: Her performance as Jenna Maroney is overwhelmingly hilarious at all times.

I can't pick a best line or a best delivery, but Mickey Rourke's catamaran sounds lovely.

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