Janelle Monae lets her hair down in new video for ‘Dance Apocalyptic’

07.02.13 4 years ago 3 Comments

Janelle Monae lets her hair down, literally, in the video for “Dance Apocalyptic,” the new track from her Sept. 10 release, “The Electric Lady.” 

She sheds her usual top-knot/up-do because if you can”t let loose when the end of the world is coming, well, when can you? With her tresses down and dressed in a white outfit that”s much funkier and less formal than her normal black and white get-up, she boogies her way through the impending end days with her all female band, as she cavorts to the jumpin’, jivin’ tune. Think she’s not powerful? Think again. As the emcee warns us, she’s so powerful, she knocked a man out with her eyelashes.

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A news report breaks into the proceedings as a buttoned-up anchor woman, played by Monae, lets us know the pandemonium has officially started. But for the dancing Monae, that just means it”s time to party like it”s 2099.

Pitchfork premiered the Wendy Morgan-directed clip, which is part of a longer short film set in an alternative version of present-day America, where people wear Heart-Hats, or birdcages on their heads. If you watch the clip, you’ll see at least one person sporting a Heart-Hat in the audience, but the longer clip promises even more zombies.

 The tune will also be featured in Monae’s new Cover Girl television commercial.

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