UPDATED: Listen to Janelle Monae’s new song in the cutest Apocalypse ever

06.28.13 4 years ago

In the most adorable end-of-the-world scenario every, Janelle Monae reveals new song “Dance Apocalyptic” with the news of her “Electric Lady” release date.

“Dance Apocalyptic” is yet another example of how hard it is to pin down Monae’s sound, which may have plagued sales of her last album “The ArchAndroid.” The hap-clappy nostalgic feel is dissimilar to her current single “Q.U.E.E.N.”, as funky-soul is replaced by ’60s pop and uptempo rock, like Fitz & The Tantrums with Parliament’s tinfoil-hatted lyrics. Monae warns of the zombies in your front yard as she does the Watusi, it seems, which works for her until the weird digression at the end, about your food.

My food tastes just fine, as it happens. Wait, what just happened?

UPDATE: Maybe “Apocalyptic” sounds so different because it IS different — it is one of four bonus tracks on on Target’s forthcoming exclusive deluxe release.

I still have good feels about “The Electric Lady,” which has the newly announced release date of September 10. Pitchfork will premiere the video for “Dance Apocalyptic” next week, on July 2; see the video teaser below. She’ll be performing this Sunday, June 30, at the BET Awards, which was also home to one of her best performances to date, her honorific tribute to Prince in 2010.

Fast-forward, and Prince is confirmed to guest on Monae’s “Electric Lady.” Have you heard his remix to “Q.U.E.E.N.” yet? You should.

Here is Janelle Monae’s original “Q.U.E.E.N.” video, featuring Erykah Badu.

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