Jared Leto lets the press ‘fondle’ his Oscar: Why he never expected to win

03.02.14 4 years ago

LOS ANGELES – “Does anybody wanna try it on for size? You can, if anybody wants to fondle it…here, pass it around, but if you have swine flu, please do not touch. I think this is a first, the first person to ever give their Oscar away…in the press room.”

So said a playful Jared Leto backstage after winning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in “Dallas Buyers Club,” handing off his Oscar to the assembled media and even inviting them to take a “selfie” with it (but boo, no photos allowed).

“I never ever in a million years dreamed that I would be right here right now talking to you, it wasn't even a fantasy of mine because it was so far-fetched,” said Leto of winning his first Oscar. “I never won an award for anything I ever did on screen, until 'Dallas Buyers Club.' Oddly the thing that I won the most awards for is the thing I've been criticized for the most, and that is music.”

Speaking of music (Leto is the lead singer of the emo band 30 Seconds to Mars), which song in the group's canon best speaks to the moment at hand?

“I think 'Kings and Queens' is probably a great one,” he said, before adding, “but 'City of Angels' even better.”

Click on the video above for the full press conference.

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