Jason Momoa may be Marvel’s Drax The Destroyer for ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’

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It looks like we’re going to end up hearing the rest of the key casting for James Gunn’s “Guardians Of The Galaxy” in the next few weeks.  Gunn just relocated to London, where he’ll be through most of this year, and they’re looking to kick off the shoot in April.

That means they’re doing everything they can right now to build that ensemble just right, and if they end up hiring Jason Momoa as Drax The Destroyer, that sounds like a nice step in the right direction.

Drax, who did not originate in the “Guardians” series, is directly tied to to Thanos, the character introduced in the very end of “The Avengers,” and I’m guessing they’ll try to maintain some of that in the film.  Drax began life as a human character, Arthur Douglas, and it is only after Thanos kills his family and leaves him brutally wounded that Douglas managed to transfer his soul into a new body.  That’s Drax, and in his earliest incarnations, he was a powerful figure with super strength, the ability to fly, and magic power lasers he shoots from his hands.

With those powers, he had only one job: find and kill Thanos.

Jason Momoa is one of those guys who is one perfect role away from really cementing himself as an action star.  I think he’s fascinating in person, I think he is charismatic enough to hold the audience’s attention, and when you look at him, that dude is about as close to perfect for a superhero movie as you can be.  I also think he’s got weird streak a mile wide, which is perfect for a film like this.  If you can’t find the absurdity in what you’re doing and you take this too seriously, you can come off like a stiff.  If you can embrace the inherent silliness of being a grown man in a brightly colored form-fitting body stocking who gets paid to stand in front of a camera to pretend to beat the holy hell out of other people in form-fitting body stockings, then there’s a chance you’ll really nail it.  Momoa struck me, in the two conversations we’ve had, as a guy who knows he is a cartoon, physically, and he likes that.

Keep in mind, Latino Review seems very sure of this story, while Borys Kit of the Hollywood Reporter says…


Whatever the case, I like the choice and I think he is, as yet, a largely untapped resource as an actor. I can’t wait to see what Gunn has him do.  And, boy, does Marvel love “Game Of Thrones” or what?  Dinklage for “X-Men,” Momoa here, Alan Taylor directing “Thor: The Dark World.”  Can’t wait for Emelia Clarke to be announced as She-Hulk.

“Guardians Of The Galaxy” will invade our space August 1, 2014.

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