Jay Leno honored with Mark Twain Prize for Humor, feted by Jimmy Fallon, Jerry Seinfeld, Chelsea Handler

10.20.14 3 years ago

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Jay Leno honored with Mark Twain Prize for Humor, feted by Jimmy Fallon, Jerry Seinfeld, Chelsea Handler
Seth Meyers, JB Smoove, Garth Brooks, Kristen Chenoweth, Kevin Eubanks and Wanda Sykes also helped honor Leno with the nation”s top humor prize Sunday night at the Kennedy Center. Chelsea Handler said in her tribute: “I never really said it to you, because you”re never really listening, but every single time I was on his show, he”d come back and ask me how I was doing, how was life. You made a difference in my life. I totally love you. And if you ever need anything from anyone, call Jimmy Fallon.” PLUS: Watch attendees try to impersonate Leno.

Google changes Stephen Colbert's height to 5-10.5 after he complained he should be listed as 5-11
Colbert ranted at Google last week on “The Colbert Report” for listing him as 5-10.

Shonda Rhimes slams tweeter upset her shows have too many “gay scenes”
“If you are suddenly discovering that Shondaland shows have scenes involving people who are gay, you are LATE TO THE PARTY,” Rhimes said in a series of tweets.

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Letterman”s fired cue card guy once said: “Nobody at work talks to him the way I do”
“I”m such good friends with him,” Tony Mendez, who was fired last week after assaulting a “Late Show” writer, said in a 2008 interview. “I”m two years older, and we”re very much alike because we”re kids at heart. He”s very impish. Of course, he”s much more intelligent than I am, but the two of us like pranks and I talk to him like he”s my cousin. Nobody at work talks to him the way I do, and he welcomes it because everybody is so afraid of him. And he knows that he”ll get the truth from me.”

Jada Pinkett Smith: I auditioned for “Gotham” with a young shirtless man on a leash
“I said, 'Forget it, instead of talking about who Fish Mooney is, let me just show you,”” she said at PaleyFest. “I went method.”

Tumblr hopes to drive its growth by teaming with TV shows
“The Voice,” for instance, has partnered with Tumblr because it offers something other social media doesn”t. “Facebook and Twitter are very immediate,” says “The Voice” exec producer Audrey Morrissey, “but Tumblr is something they sort of take in and then create something about the show at times other than when the show is happening.”

BBC launching an online “Doctor Who” game for kids
The new game is aimed at teaching children to learn coding.

Cheryl Burke: I”m likely done “Dancing” after this season
“Will it most likely be my last season? I would have to say yes,” she tells TV Guide, adding: “As of now, it's still up in the air if I'm coming back or not.”

Watch “The Comeback”s” full season trailer
“What”s this — 'The Comeback,' comeback?”

“The Walking Dead's” Andrew J. West was “just smiling from ear to ear” reading last night”s monologue
Says West: “I was so thrilled to get to bring that section of the comic book to life because the panels and the imagery and the language are striking. It's striking when you read the book, and I think they nailed it in the episode.” PLUS: What”s up with Andrew Lincoln”s real-life clean-shaven face?

German TV channel to air non-stop “Star Wars” for 2 weeks
All six “Star Wars” films will be shown in a 24-hour loop for the holidays on Sky Deutschland.

“Manhattan” creator filmed the Season 1 finale expecting a renewal
“We had no guarantees whatsoever,” Sam Shaw says of his WGN America drama getting renewed. “I lived in a bubble of denial. I just assumed we would get to keep telling these stories. So there was no hedging of bets or efforts to construct a finale that would serve as a final punctuation mark on the story … It would be a sad and peculiar thing to tell a story about the birth of the atom age and never see an atom bomb detonate.” PLUS: “Manhattan” is a hero drama with a sense of irony.

Check out Jason Momoa”s intense “Game of Thrones” audition
He performed the haka to land the role of Khal Drogo.

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