Jay Leno on Robin Williams: ‘He was a guy I would have liked to have grown old with’

08.20.14 3 years ago

Jay Leno on Robin Williams: “He was a guy I would have liked to have grown old with”
“It would have been fun to be 87 or 88 with him,” says Leno, who”s one year older than Williams. “I look at Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks and I go, 'How much fun will that be for Jerry (Seinfeld) and I and Robin and all the other guys when we get older to tell lies about how famous we used to be.' And I realize now I'll never have that opportunity with Robin.”

Ian Somerhalder shares his first Season 6 “Vampire Diaries” pics of Damon
“Did he eat Bonnie?”

“SNL” alum Horatio Sanz: Will Ferrell helped George W. Bush with his likable impression
In the “SNL” updated oral history book, Sanz blames Lorne Michaels and former head political writer Jim Downey, who leans conservative, for “SNL” appearing too neutral, or too soft on the right. He also thinks Ferrell”s impression influenced how voters saw Bush. “You know, if Will hadn't done that impression, or at least made him likable, it may have tipped it the other way,” he says. “I honestly think so. We made up for it. I think Tina's impression basically killed Sarah Palin.” PLUS: Obama rejected a sketch about racial profiling.

Dan Patrick”s “Sports Jeopardy!” debuts on Crackle on Sept. 24
The Sony-owned digital network has ordered 52 episodes.

Al Roker turns 60, gets offered a White House job from Vice President Biden
“Look,” said Biden, “if I were running the administration or the next one, I”d have you in it. I mean, what the hell?”

ABC”s “Selfie” can be watched on Twitter
The pilot has also been available in a tweet.

DirecTV renews Neil LaBute”s “Full Circle”
The relationship drama will be back for a 10-episode 2nd season.

“Cosmos” has become a hit among stoners
The four-time Emmy winner from Seth MacFarlane has become huge in the marijuana-consuming world.

Kathy Griffin joins forces with the Zingbot to roast “Big Brother” contestants
Watch a preview of tonight”s episode.

“House of Cards” alum Rachel Brosnahan joins “The Dovekeepers”
She”ll play a key role in the four-hour miniseries from Roma Downey and Mark Burnett about four women at the siege of Masada.

“Jersey Shore”s” Ronnie & Sammi are officially over
“We were drifting apart and not really spending any time together,” says Ronnie Ortiz-Magro.

“20/20″s” Elizabeth Vargas is headed for divorce
As she heads back to rehab, Vargas is reportedly dealing with her family falling apart.

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