Jay Leno pretends to put a pillow over Jimmy Fallon’s face

09.21.13 4 years ago

Jay Leno pretends to put a pillow over Jimmy Fallon’s face
Watch Friday’s “The Tonight Show” cold open. PLUS: Fallon & Leno claim to be good pals, and Fallon’s “Tonight Show” writers’ pitch packet accused of violating WGA guidelines.

Damian Lewis: “Homeland” should’ve killed off Brody
“The more compromised storytelling is to keep him alive and to keep him bubbling along somehow,” he tells Men’s Journal. “It’s the executives who write that version.”

Jeff Garlin: My gut feeling is that Larry David will do more “Curb Your Enthusiasm”

Writing in Sports Illustrated, Garlin explains, “I think, if you ask me my gut feeling, Larry will come to realize ‘Curb’ is the most fun he and I will ever have working, and he’ll miss it so much he’ll have to do more.”

“NYPD Blue” turns 20

“It arrived on ABC on September 21, 1993 with as much hype and controversy as any show anyone could remember at the time, and more than most shows have debuted with since,” says Alan Sepinwall, who used to recap each “NYPD Blue” episode as they aired. He notes that “Blue” was then considered an R-rated TV show, but would be more PG-13 today.

D.B. Sweeney joins “Two and a Half Men”
He’ll romance Courtney Thorne-Smith’s Lindsay.

Country stars help promote “Nashville”
See the new promo featuring Rascal Flatts and Little Big Town, as well as Sheryl Crow.

Vince Gilligan sloppy? Why “Breaking Bad” doesn’t deserve all its acclaim
Jason Whitlock argues that “Breaking Bad” is getting a pass on its “impossible-to-believe plot twists. You would think there had never been a fast-paced, high-action TV show that explored the drug world, featured a white male’s spiraling descent into immorality and showed the price paid by his family and former friends. All of the critics bowing at Gilligan’s feet need to re-watch ‘The Shield.’ Shawn Ryan’s ‘Shield’ covered every inch of ground ‘Breaking Bad’ is trampling upon. ‘The Shield’ did it without sloppily cutting the corners routinely cut by BB.” PLUS: Courtney Love watches “Breaking Bad” and “Talking Bad,” director Michelle MacLaren is flying from “Game of Thrones” for Emmys, inside the anonymous “Breaking Bad” writers’ room, and watch a video for Hank Schrader.

Why “Million Second Quiz” didn’t work
Dumb trivia and confusing rules were only part of the problem.

Ken Jeong poised to play “Dr. Ken” on NBC
The real-life doctor/”Community” star will play a doctor in a pilot for the Peacock.

Subdued Elisabeth Hasselbeck just isn’t the same on “Fox & Friends”
As expected, Hasselbeck isn’t the same outside “The View” environment. PLUS: Gretchen Carlson claims “Fox & Friends” has a no-pants rule.

Fox giving away a pre-Super Bowl 30-second ad worth $850K
The catch? You have to pay a $150,000 entry fee to participate in the contest.

See the “Queer Eye” at their 10-year reunion
“I think we all look better ten years later!” says Carson Kressley.

“Parks and Rec” has become “a weird bizarro world”

Co-creator Michael Schur says of all the upcoming changes: “It feels like the end of some kind of special era. It’s sad, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing.”

Watch the new “NCIS:LA” opening credits
See the opening credits from the Sept. 24 premiere.

Scott Baio admits he’s too “illiterate” to watch “Arrested Development” on Netflix

“I have Apple TV,” he says. “I don’t know quite how to work it, so I don’t watch anything on it.”

“The Walking Dead” enlists Phineas from “Phineas and Ferb”
Will Vincent Martella be playing a zombie?

Anna Faris joins Twitter
Says hubby Chris Pratt: “Welcome darling. Now you can see what I’m always doing with my phone!”

High school student gets in trouble for wearing a “Duck Dynasty” T-shirt
The “I will hurt you physically and metaphysically” shirt was deemed to be threatening by school officials.

Unlike “Mad Men,” “Boardwalk Empire” puts black characters front and center
Chalky White and Valentin Narcisse are a big part of this season.

“New Girl” creates a fake crosswalk in Hollywood
“Any use of this crosswalk is strictly prohibited,” states a sign next to the fake crosswalk.

Louisville newspaper fooled by a letter from “Will McAvoy”
Read the letter quoting from Sunday’s “Newsroom” finale. PLUS: Aaron Sorkin’s flaw: He can’t write anti-heroes.

A “Newsroom” writer’s assistant wrote some disturbing Lena Dunham fan fiction
His lengthy screed is titled “Lena Dunham’s D*ck.”

“Glee’s” Heather Morris ready to give birth
Check out her massive baby bump. PLUS: Max Adler is engaged.

Presenting TV’s most stylist men
From Don Draper to Jax Teller to Raylan Givens.

Julie Chen: Why “Big Brother” finale didn’t focus on the racism controversy
“We wanted the finale to be a celebration of who won,” she says, “and not have the spotlight moved away from that person. We didn”t want the whole show to be me scolding the Houseguests.”

Henry Winkler’s book based on his childhood will be adapted by the BBC
BBC’s children’s network CBBC will turn “Hank Zipzer: The Worlds’ Greatest Underachiever” into a TV show.

“South Park” will livestream all 234 episodes on the web

The countdown to Wednesday’s season premiere kicks off today at SouthParkMarathon.com.

Jimmy Kimmel: I am Shasta to David Letterman’s Coca-Cola

“I don’t compare myself to him because that depresses me,” Kimmel says of his idol.

Shiri Appleby joins Lifetime pilot

She’ll play a staffer on a reality TV dating show in Marti Noxon’s “Unreal.”

Janina Gavankar lands on USA

The “True Blood” vet will star opposite Ben Rappaport in “Love is Dead.”

“Ray Donovan’s” Austin Nichols” is dating an “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” star
He is currently romancing Elizabeth Henstridge.

Watch the “Revenge” Season 3 extended promo
The 3rd season kicks off Sept. 29.

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