Listen: Jay-Z guests on The-Dream’s low-brow ‘High Art’

05.09.13 5 years ago

Andrew Zaeh

The-Dream and Jay-Z combine yet again for a new song off of the former’s “IV Play.” “High Art” is pretty low-brow, with The-Dream intro’ing “I’m tired of talking ’bout it, lets do it / Girl I’m missin’ you like bitches miss my music / And I swear I can’t wait to drop ya, hit your body with that yoppa.” Bitches, note, also love being called bitches. Also, dropping E is the universal language for “I miss you, and I’m going to go out with my friends soon.”

There’s a lot of filler on this party song before you get to Hov’s goods, when he gently explains his success and how, y’know, controlling girls are when they think you’re going to be hanging out with “nasty bitches.” Ugh, right?

“I love her, that’s no doubt / Hit that, then smoke out,” The-Dream vamps after. (Bitches also love to be called “that.”) So much good advice for the contemporary, pun-admirers of High Art.

This R&B-baser goes nowhere. I’m still perplexed the amount of pride The-Dream — whose vocal talents are so strong — has in this throwaway. Just stick with “IV Play’s” title track, which has more promise, and await the arrival of “Where Have You Been” feat. Kelly Rowland, who’s had her new record on display this week, too.

“IV Play” is due on May 28.

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