Jeff Goldblum Morphed Into the Most Famous Internet Memes Must Be Seen

06.17.16 1 year ago

20th Century Fox is getting extremely weird with their Independence Day: Resurgence marketing. Their latest effort involves actor Jeff Goldblum morphing into your favorite internet memes. 

Ok, I say weird but honestly I've been loving what they're doing so far. Especially considering the actual trailers don't have me too excited.

First (and probably still best) we had Goldblum having a conversation with his in-film doppelgänger David Levinson. And we can probably count him giving away his workout routine on The Tonight Show too. But now he's been memed. Eleven times over.

Take a look at Goldblum morphed into some of the most famous internet memes and then head over to to produce and share your own (we've kept their stock dialogue intact for our gallery).

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