Jennifer Aniston will never escape the Leprechaun

03.17.15 3 years ago


In the Year of Our Lord 1993, a fresh-faced young actress named Jennifer Aniston made her feature-film debut in “Leprechaun,” a low-budget horror-comedy in which Warwick Davis was forced to say “me gold! me gold!” about 700 times while wearing an adorable green hat and heavy prosthetic makeup. The indignity!

Of course I'm talking about Jennifer. Poor her, having to wear these shorts.

Jennifer Aniston in Leprechaun

But hey, she made it! A year after appearing in the film she was cast on “Friends,” and today she's a big-deal movie star. That said, you can never escape the Leprechaun. He's too persistent! To celebrate St. Patrick's Day, here are four pieces of evidence that even with her millions of dollars and Smart Water endorsement deal, et al, Jennifer still can't quite shake the little guy.

Example #1: Press junket for “Marley and Me” (2009)

In fairness, she had this one coming for talking to an Irish guy, who asks her to apologize for making the film at the 3-minute mark. Her response is playful enough, but watch closely as she begins frantically playing with her necklace.

Example #2: Press junket for “We're the Millers” (2014)

Skip ahead to 1:08 to see MTV's Josh Horowitz asks Aniston if she'll be making a sequel. Her response will…not surprise you. Luckily, Jason Sudeikis is there to make jokes about “baby Leprechaun.”

Example #3: Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony (2012)

Just when she thought Adam Sandler would never betray her, the comedian brought up “Leprechaun” during his speech at her Hollywood Walk of Fame dedication (2:50 in). Adding insult to injury? He does it in his trademark “Adam Sandler” voice. She gamely forces a laugh.

Example #4: Promoting “Horrible Bosses 2” on “The Talk” (2014)

In a surprising twist, Jennifer is the one to bring up “Leprechaun” in this interview from last year (at the 3:25 mark). “Right when we started our first year [of dating Justin Theroux], we came across, or he came across, the lovely film 'Leprechaun',” she says when asked if she and Justin had ever stumbled across one another's films while watching TV together, before joking: “I thought I'd really arrived when I did that movie!” Hahaha. Ha.

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