Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull ‘Live It Up’ together in new video: Watch

05.18.13 5 years ago

Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull are taking the name of their new single together quite literally.

The brand new video for their collaboration “Live It Up” features more product placements than you can count. Well, not if you can count beyond 6 or so, but still it’s a lot of blatant product placements for some pretty extravagant products. 

After checking the time on her Ice® watch, J.Lo® receives a text on her Nokia® phone. It’s Pitbull®, asking her to meet him in St. Tropez, where the Miami rapper is waiting patiently with a bunch of beach bunnies and bottles of Beluga® vodka. Don’t forget to pack your Swarovski® shades, Jenny. But, first, she has to wow the glitterati on a Parisian catwalk by going through a half-dozen or so costume changes. In the end, Pit and Lopez only get to spend a few fleeting moments together, but sometimes the destination is worth the journey. 

Watch it here:

It”s the duo’s third collaboration together, following “On the Floor” (2011) and “Dance Again” (2012), and the thumping, fist-pumping tune is ready-made to be one of the dance jams of the summer. 

“Live It Up” will likely be featured on Lopez’s for upcoming eighth studio album.

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