Jennifer Lopez proves you can go home again in new video for ‘Same Girl’

01.31.14 4 years ago

She could probably buy the Bronx by now, or at least distribute enough cologne and clothes from her perfume and dress lines to make it really smell and look good, but Jennifer Lopez is determined to make us believe that she is the “Same Girl” as she always was.

In the video for the “American Idol” judge’s  new track, “Same Girl, she leaves her luxury doorman building to take another trip back to her roots on the No. 6 train back to Brooklyn. She”s mad at the unnamed folks who are trying to hold her down and who don”t realize that she”s got the same edge that she always had. “I know that I”m the same Jenny from around the way,” and all the haters can just stop it.

She then takes a stroll through the old neighborhood and chats with folks from the ‘hood- at times through a chain-link fence, because she only wants to fraternize so much.

It”s sweet and ridiculous at the same time as I”m quite sure that J-Lo doesn”t hop on the subway unless there”s a camera crew and lots of security involved (unlike a number of NY celebs, like Alec Baldwin, who do still hop on the subway on a regular basis) and same with strolling through the Bronx.

There are some nice rooftop scenes and she gives some wonderful exposure  to  the Jazz at Lincoln Center Youth Orchestra, but I”m not sure I”m buying what she”s selling. Are you?

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