Jerry Seinfeld: ‘Portlandia’ is ‘beyond brilliant’ — ‘easily one of the best comedies of all time’

10.02.14 3 years ago

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Jerry Seinfeld: “Portlandia” is “beyond brilliant” – “easily one of the best comedies of all time”
Seinfeld, who was just in Portland shooting “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” with Fred Armisen, says: “I”m kind of obsessed with ‘Portlandia' right now,” adding that “I think that”s the best comedy on TV right now.”

Teresa and Joe Giudice will talk about their prison sentence on “Watch What Happens Live”
The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” stars will give their first post-sentencing interview on Monday. PLUS: Inside the rise and fall of Teresa Giudice.

Katy Perry is coming to ESPN”s “College Gameday”
She”ll be the celebrity guest picker when “Gameday” broadcasts Saturday morning from the campus of Ole Miss.

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Viola Davis on “How to Get Away with Murder” posters: “”I see pressure. I”m aware that my booty is on the line”
“I have a certain level of fear about 'How to Get Away,'” she says of finally landing a leading role. “Fear of failure.”

Felicity Huffman is set to combat terrorists in an ABC pilot
The former “Desperate Housewives” star is close to playing a special agent who leads the New York City Joint Terrorism Task Force in a drama pilot from “CSI”s” Carol Mendelsohn.

WEtv bringing Heidi & Spencer back to reality TV
Former “Hills” stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt will appear on “Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars.”

LAPD recovers the TV Academy”s stolen Ed Sullivan statue
The $45,000 statue was in good condition, but the police offered no details on how it was recovered.

Reese Witherspoon is now using Twitter to lobby Lena Dunham for a “Girls” cameo
“Hey @lenadunham all I gotta say is you write the script and I'm there girl! #Seriouslytho,” she tweeted this afternoon, days after telling Vogue of wanting to guest on the HBO series.

Quit with the Romcom Sitcoms!
Romcoms are in a movie rut, so now they”ve invaded television in the form of new shows “Selfie,” “A to Z” and “Manhattan Love Story.” PLUS: “You”re the Worst” ruined this fall”s new crop of romcoms.

Louisiana Governor: Stephen Colbert is “no Jon Stewart”
Gov. Bobby Jindal responded on Twitter to Colbert bashing him in a segment earlier this week.

Kathie Lee & Hoda Kotb to guest on WWE”s “Monday Night Raw”
The “Today” stars will appear Monday to promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

“Big Brother”s” Dick Donato thinks he got HIV from a stripper
“Evel Dick” says he had a fling with a stripper in Las Vegas.

Meet the legless actress playing Legless Suzy on “American Horror Story: Freak Show”
“I kind of like the way I am. I would never change it,” says Rose Siggins, whose legs were amputated when she was a small child.

Piper Kerman: An “exploration of faith is a big part” of “Orange is the New Black” Season 3
Kerman, speaking at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell, wouldn”t divulge any details. But she said there are “really amazing twists and turns” in store for the 3rd season.

“Dexter”-obsessed British teen gets 25 years in prison for killing and dismembering his girlfriend
Steven Miles was 16 when he murdered his 17-year-old girlfriend.

“Vampire Diaries” boss promises a “fun and fresh season”
“All the characters are going through all this crazy stuff that is really deeply rooted in their own emotional experience,” says Julie Plec. PLUS: What about that “Originals” crossover with Nina Dobrev, Joseph Morgan on Season 2 of “The Originals,” and a day in the life of Julie Plec.

“Homeland”: TV”s most bigoted show?
The Showtime series “carelessly traffics in absurd and damaging stereotypes,” especially when it comes to Muslims, argues Laura Durkay.

Is “Tom and Jerry” really racist?
As Lizzie Crocker notes, “There are plenty of other outdated stereotypes in 'Tom and Jerry'-sexist attitudes, for example-but Amazon chose to focus on race.” PLUS: Whoopi Goldberg forgets she voiced one of the “Tom and Jerry” warnings.

Alfonso Ribeiro will do “Fresh Prince”s” The Carlton Dance on “Dancing”
He”ll perform Monday to the Tom Jones classic “It's Not Unusual.”

When will “Grey”s Anatomy” reveal the sister secret?
Says Kelly McCreary: “She doesn't even really want to know Meredith at this point. They just don't get along. … Under the circumstances, I think it'll take some kind of reconciliation between the two of them before Maggie can get to the point where she is willing to open up like that.” PLUS: 51 things you didn”t know about “Grey”s.”

“The Walking Dead” rerun scores big on MyNetworkTV
The AMC series made its syndicated debut last night.

Is there too much TV nostalgia?
We may have reached peak media coverage of old TV shows, especially when there was tons of media coverage over the 10th anniversary of “Friends” ending in May, followed in September by tons of media coverage for the 20th anniversary of “Friends” beginning.

Weather Channel: Marketing gurus have nothing to do with our naming of storms
“Contrary to popular opinion the entire naming process is handled by a team of meteorologists, not marketing gurus,” explains a Weather Channel rep in response to criticism from Gawker. “Yes, there is certainly a goal to increase viewership, that is how a television network survives, but as the Winter Weather Expert please let me explain how we name storms.”

Why Ben McKenzie didn”t attend “O.C.” co-star Adam Brody”s wedding
Apparently Brody and his wife Leighton Meester wanted to keep their wedding “super low-profile.”

Introducing the “MasterChef Junior” Season 2 contestants
They”ll be on a new night, Tuesdays, starting Nov. 4.

“Big Bang”s” Johnny Galecki recently quit smoking
He tells Letterman about his life-long struggle with cigarettes.

“Buffy”s” Nicholas Brendon gets hitched
Brendon posted a pic of his Vegas wedding two days after announcing he had gotten engaged.

“A to Z”s” charm is considerable, even formidable
“If the leads are cleverly written and the two main actors are entertaining enough that you'd watch them solo but are even better when they're paired up, the show can seem to glide,” says Matt Zoller Seitz. “'A to Z' glides, mainly because its stars, 'Mad Men”s' Ben Feldman and 'How I Met Your Mother”s' Cristin Milioti, are a flat-out great couple, with an understated screwball energy that Howard Hawks would've known what to do with.” PLUS: “A to Z” feels different and modern because of the way it uses technology, this is a hopeless romcom with unlikable leads, Cristin Milioti did have some “HIMYM” concerns, and Milioti”s casting prompted Ben Feldman to sign on.

“Bad Judge” is definitely awful, but it could”ve been better before NBC defanged it
The Kate Walsh sitcom was originally supposed to be a dirty comedy in the vein of “Eastbound & Down,” but NBC hired a new showrunner to take away its point of view – and any trace of actual bad behavior. PLUS: What a waste of Kate Walsh, and everybody on the pretty solid cast deserves better.

Stop it with the “Broadchurch” comparisons – “Gracepoint” is quite good!
As Neil Genzlinger notes, very few “Gracepoint” viewers will have watched “Broadchurch”: “A new sport has arisen among people who write about television comparing the two series, with the American version generally coming up short because British television is always better than American television, isn”t it? …But the universe of viewers who saw “Broadchurch” and will watch ‘Gracepoint' is fairly small and, anyway, if you have enough spare time to sit through the same story twice to compare nuances and accents and plot variations, you are to be pitied.” PLUS: “Gracepoint” is the latest in “Bummer TV,” “Gracepoint” is pratically a shot-for-shot remake of “Broadchurch,” the carbon-copy storytelling is depressing, it”s like they dumbed-down “Broadchurch” for American viewers, “Gracepoint” feels almost too good for network TV, “Gracepoint” manages to be very good despite copying “Broadchurch,” Anna Gunn is happy to be on the right side of the law, and David Tennant says “Gracepoint” is aimed at those who never saw “Broadchurch.”

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