Jesse Eisenberg on playing Lex Luthor: ‘Career longevity’ a factor in taking the role

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(CBR) Now that the initial shock of Jesse Eisenberg”s casting as Lex Luthor has worn off – and now that he”s making press rounds for his new movie “The Double” – the Oscar-nominee is ready to discuss why he signed on for Zack Snyder”s “Man of Steel” sequel.

Speaking with MTV, Eisenberg revealed that Lex Luthor in “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” is “luckily” a very well-written character.

“Actors can sometimes find really cool things in characters that aren”t written well,” he said. “This character is written really well.”

On top of the quality, Eisenberg stressed the importance of starring in a superhero film for the health of his career.

“It”s important to be in those big things,” he said. “I happen to want to do this movie because the character is awesome, but it”s also important to be in those for some kind of longevity.”

Eisenberg makes his Lex Luthor debut in the “Man of Steel” sequel, which opens May 6, 2016.

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