Jimmy Kimmel takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge … down his crotch

08.18.14 3 years ago

Jimmy Kimmel takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge … down his crotch
“Oh, my God. This is terrible…My nuts are the size of raisinets right now.” PLUS: Allison Williams takes the Ice Bucket Challenge and Charlie Sheen inspires Jon Cryer.

Jon Hamm reacts to the unrest in Ferguson, where he spent part of his childhood
“There is no positive spin to this,” says the “Mad Men” star, who spent his childhood biking through the St. Louis suburb. “And no one is blameless.”

“Masters of Sex” star: It”s “very surprising and shocking” this week's episode matched up with the events in Ferguson
The St. Louis-set show mirrored the Ferguson unrest with Episode 6.

This has been the summer of TV men with clenched jaws and downturned mouths
From “24”s” Jack Bauer to “Sharknado”s” Ian Ziering, this summer “male actors and even the occasional reality star have been putting on an unintentional clinic in how (and sometimes, how not) to look grim,” says Neil Genzlinger. “In one show after another, as an actor strains facial muscles to the breaking point, you can almost hear the director urging: 'Give me grim. No, grimmer. No, even grimmer.””

One of “The View” finalists has no TV experience, and that”s freaking people out at ABC
A source says of October Gonzalez, wife of former NFL great Tony Gonzalez, “It”s freaking people out that she”s under serious consideration. We”re all for hot. We”re all for diversity. But we”re also for someone with a real shot at not flaming out after one season.”

Does “The Strain” choose to be boring?
The FX series is avoiding becoming “fun trash.”

Matthew Weiner predicts “Mad Men” finale will be met with mixed reviews
“The road has been paved for a mixed review, no matter what,” he says.

Claim: Iggy Azalea is a “diva” on “House of Styles” set
“Iggy walked in with her entourage and wouldn't take her sunglasses off the whole time we were in the store shooting her,” a source tells The Hollywood Reporter. “She had a complete scowl the whole time and never cracked a smile – unless the cameras were on. And the minute they stopped, it was back to scowling.”

“The Hills” alum Stephanie Pratt joins “Celebrity Big Brother”
Other contestants include Angelique “Frenchy” Morgan from VH1″s “Rock of Love.” PLUS: Wedding reunites “Laguna Beach” stars.

All 20 “America”s Next Top Model” cycles, ranked
Tyra Banks is back tonight with Cycle 21.

Fox is working on a Franklin D. Roosevelt-WWII event series
The 10-hour limited series would be based on Doris Kearns Goodwin”s Pulitzer Prize-winning book “No Ordinary Time,” which chronicles FDR”s 3rd term as president.

“Big Brother” sued over its text message voting
CBS is accused of stealing a man”s patented voting system. PLUS: Why didn”t “Big Brother” enforce the “renom” rule?

See pics from “The Blacklist” Season 2
What are inside those envelopes?

Don”t blame Guy Fieri for the Food Network”s woes
The author of “Inside the Food Network” explains that the cable channel”s problems go beyond Fieri.

Arthur C. Clarke”s “Childhood”s End” to become a Syfy miniseries
The book by Clarke tells the story of a peaceful alien invasion that turns the planet into a near-utopia.

“SVU” books Teri Polo and Stacy Keach
They”ll play daughter and father.

Katharine McPhee spotted kissing her “Scorpion” co-star
Is the former “American Idol,” who”s in the midst of a divorce, in another kissing scandal?

An older “Dora the Explorer” goes “Into the City”
Nick catches up with Dora in tonight”s special.

“Revenge” casts Nestor Serrano as chief of police
He”ll be on Victoria”s side.

Watch the latest “Homeland” trailer
“It”s a job,” says Carrie.

“Once Upon a Time” is seeking Belle”s mother
“For the first time, we”ll delve into Belle”s past pre-the encounter with Rumple,” says exec producer Adam Horowitz.

Fox”s new late-night standup comedy show “Laughs” doesn”t pay its comics
The comedy showcase, which has aired in 11 markets since Aug. 2, has too small a budget to pay its performers.

“Episodes” adds Andrea Savage
The “Real Hotwives” star will play the new head of the network.

Why did “Arrow” change Felicity”s backstory episode title?
The title went from “Oracle” to “The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak.”

HBO”s Pamela Smart documentary blames the media
“Captivated: The Trials of Pamela Smart” tells the story of the woman who had three teenage boys kill her husband.

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