Neville Longbottom took off his clothes and JK Rowling was not prepared

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As I”ve covered before, Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom) is all grown up. This is great news for fangirls (and fanboys and fangenderfluids) who went through puberty with the Harry Potter actors.

But for J.K. Rowling – who watched the young cast grow up – it feels more akin to seeing your child turn into a sex symbol. So when Lewis recently posed for Attitude magazine, Rowling obviously wanted to support his endeavor. But no one told her exactly WHAT KIND of photoshoot it was. Leading to a bit of social media hilarity.


Just what were the images in question? Glad you asked. Be warned, this is a mostly naked image of a person you watched in movies when he was sporting buck teeth and socially awkward glances.

You can see the other image (NSFW-ish) over on Attitude”s website, along with snippets from Lewis”s interview.

Always the gentleman, Lewis took to Twitter to apologize. Rowling”s response was her typical flawless self.


Bless you Jo, for bringing the 'mom' realness. 

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