Joan Rivers was proudly unapologetic to the end

09.04.14 3 years ago

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Joan Rivers was proudly unapologetic to the end
Joan always went there, whether cracking a Holocaust joke or calling Lena Dunham fat. As Hank Stuever notes, “She mouthed off long enough to arrive at one final and strange place in our common culture, in which people are constantly apologizing for what others deem to be inappropriate quips, jokes, tweets, updates, memes, Instagram captions, leaked e-mails – all the many ways we find to fail at our attempts at her kind of humor … Her sense of humor and her belief only in being funny made her part of a dying tribe, the last remaining people who honestly believe that if you can”t take a joke, you are welcome to go (bleep) yourself. Her descendants include not only the Kathy Griffins and Sarah Silvermans of the comedy world, but also the only person you really want to talk to at a party, the one with the unhinged mouth.”
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“Her delivery was like an automatic sprinkler: fast, relentless and sometimes prone to stick, soaking a comic riff into a muddy swamp”
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Rivers talked in July about dying: “In your 80s, you”d be foolish not to think about that. I am definitely going to be cremated”
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Britain helped rejuventate her career because she reinforced British stereotypes of typical American behavior
Rivers was bigger, smarter and culturally far more important than her latter E! work
“I hate people who die of natural causes; they just don”t understand the moment,” Rivers once said. “It”s the grand finale, act three, the eleven o”clock number-make it count!”

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