Watch: Jodie Foster on why she and Matt Damon were ‘like ships in the night’ on ‘Elysium’ set

07.23.12 5 years ago

Jodie Foster admits she have much face time with “Elysium” co-star Matt Damon on set – and that when they finally did have the opportunity to work together, she did most of the talking.

“That was totally fun,” said Foster – speaking with me at last week’s Comic-Con – on working with Damon. “But we only had one scene together unfortunately, cause we live in two different areas in the film. The one scene he’s in [with me], unfortunately he didn’t get to talk very much. I did all the talking.”

But while Foster and Damon were like “ships in the night” on set (Foster’s words), she got a lot more time with the film’s director, Neill Blomkamp. It was a collaboration she’d been hankering for ever since she first watched the helmer’s acclaimed 2009 sci-fi flick “District 9.”

“I thought it was amazing,” she said of the film, which served as Blomkamp’s feature debut. “I said ‘this guy is killer, and I just want to work with him.’ I mean I really do think it’s as close to a perfect movie as I can remember.”

You can watch the rest of our brief interview with Foster by clicking on the video above!

“Elysium” is slated for release on March 1, 2013.

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