John Slattery, Christina Hendricks talk ‘God’s Pocket’ and saying goodbye to ‘Mad Men’

05.10.14 4 years ago

John Slattery's directorial feature film debut, “God's Pocket,” arrives in theaters at an interesting time, one of mourning and new possibility. Lead actor Philip Seymour Hoffman died three months ago, shortly after the film premiered at Sundance. Christina Hendricks, the “God's Pocket” leading lady, is on the same path now as Slattery, in saying a long goodbye to “Mad Men” and embracing whatever's next.

Slattery, who does not act in his film, said that he's “grateful” for having directed his friend Hoffman, that he gets rewatching Hoffman's performance and forgets “the reality” of the loss. Hendricks said that she's “still enjoying him in this, enjoying the memory of working with him,” that her time with him is still in the present rather than past tense.

As for whatever's next after “Mad Men” when Season 7 finishes next spring, Slattery said he knows the possibility of being pigeonholed into a kind of character, but is always finding something different to do. He said he hopes to direct again, act on stage again.

Watch the full video above as they discuss the dark comedy of “God's Pocket,” and what's in the future for Hendricks. “God's Pocket” hit theaters Friday (May 9).

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