Johnny Knoxville ready to take ‘Jackass 3-D’ to a ‘whole new dimension’

12.19.09 8 years ago 2 Comments

Paramount Pictures

You’ve seen family animated films in 3-D.  You’ve seen Disney tween music stars in 3-D.  You’ve seen horror films in 3-D.  Just this week you’ve experienced James Cameron’s epic “Avatar” in 3-D.  But, are you ready for…”Jackass 3D”?

Yes, after an official press release by Paramount Pictures today, Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O and the whole gang are confirmed for a third go around of the cheap, but highly profitable comedy series.  Director Jeff Tremaine will return and produce alongside Spike Jonze and Knoxville.

In the release, Knoxville stated, “We’re going to take the same 3D technology James Cameron used in ‘Avatar’ and stick it up Steve O’s butt. We’re taking stupid to a whole new dimension.” 

(Somehow, we’re guessing this isn’t what 3-D champions Cameron and DreamWorks Animation’s Jeffrey Katzenberg had in mind with their vision for the technology.)

The first two “Jackass” movies made over a $164 million worldwide on a combined production budget of approximately $17 million.  And that’s not including the lucrative DVD sales between 2002 and 2008 before the market began to drop.  It’s no surprise a third “Jackass” is in the works. After the success of “Paranormal Activity” Paramount has made inexpensive films that could breakout (or not with minimal loss) a priority and “Jackass” is a well-established franchise that fits that mold.

Production on “Jackass-3D” should begin in January which means a feature film should probably hit screens this summer or in late September or late October when the last two “Jackass” features were released.

Are you ready for another go-around with the “Jackass” crew?  Or is this one trick that’s played out?  Share your thoughts below.

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