Jon Stewart Breaks Down Bill O’Reilly’s Beyonce Obsession

05.02.14 3 years ago 2 Comments

Did you know that Bill O'Reilly, who I swear to God is just the '50s character actor George Sanders in his greatest role ever, is obsessed with Beyonce? He's apparently not obsessed with her enough to pronounce her name correctly, but he's obsessed with her nonetheless.

As you may have guessed, Jon Stewart correctly diagnosed why: She is hot and when he gets to show footage of her, no one changes the dial. Wee!

But also: When Bill accuses Beyonce of sending a “libertine” message, he's basically saying “A WOMAN WHO IS SEXY, OWNS IT, AND CELEBRATES IT? SHE MUST BE DERIDED BY ME, A MAN IN A SUIT.” It would a terrible shame if we were all infected with the self-confidence of someone like Beyonce, because then we would all know to ignore Bill O'Reilly. How unthinkable! 

But anyway: George Sanders. Chilling, right?

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