Jon Stewart got uncharacteristically angry over the Eric Garner grand jury decision

12.04.14 3 years ago

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Jon Stewart got uncharacteristically angry over the Eric Garner grand jury decision
“The Daily Show” host displayed raw emotion last night as he taped the show as the Eric Garner was just coming out. “If comedy is tragedy plus time, I need more f*cking time,” he said. “But I would really settle for less f*cking tragedy, to be honest with you.”

Watch Jon Hamm in the creepy “Black Mirror” Christmas special trailer
The “White Christmas” special, which also features “Game of Thrones” alum Oona Chaplin, will be shown on DirecTV on Christmas Day.

“Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” cast reunites for a “Breaking Bad”-inspired Funny or Die video
Jane Seymour is “Dr. Quinn, Morphine Woman.”

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Jerry Seinfeld, one of Bill Cosby”s biggest fans, reacts to the rape allegations
“It's sad, and incomprehensible,” said Seinfeld last night on the “Top Five” red carpet.

Former network execs who worked with Bill Cosby don”t recall any problems
Warren Littlefield, who was president of NBC Entertainment during the latter years of “The Cosby Show,” says: “At no time during my tenure at NBC did anyone come to me with any issues of misconduct by Bill Cosby.” Could it be, as one industry insider tells The Hollywood Reporter, that network execs avoided knowing anything that would raise red flags about Cosby?

“24”s” Kiefer Sutherland reunites with Stephen Fry for a UK Christmas special
Fry, who played the British prime minister on “24: Live Another Day,” will play Father Christmas while Sutherland will play a man hired to assassinate him.

BBC America renews “Almost Royal”
The mockumentary will return for an eight-episode 2nd season.

E!”s 1st scripted series “The Royals” gets a March premiere date
Elizabeth Hurley will be revealed as Britain”s queen on March 15.

Listen to Mariah Carey”s disappointing “Christmas in Rockefeller Center” performance with isolated vocals
Carey was supposed to pre-tape last night”s performance, but she ended up singing it live. PLUS: Carey apologizes for missing the taping.

Here's your first look at “The Bachelor” Chris Soules” bachelorettes
Chris Harrison reveals that good portion of the season will take place in Soules” home state of Iowa.

MTV will dedicate “The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II” to Diem Brown and Ryan Knight
The newest “Challenge” series debuts on Jan. 6.

Stephen Colbert got a visit from good pal Amy Sedaris
Sedaris, who”s known Colbert since their Chicago improv days and who co-starred on “Exit 57” and “Strangers with Candy” with him, interrupted “The Colbert Report” to plug her Adult Swim show “The Heart, She Holler.”

How network TV could pull out of their “sitcom recession”
One of the problems this season is that networks picked up comedies they didn”t believe in and wouldn”t get behind, like ABC”s “Selfie” and NBC”s “A to Z.” Networks should also stick with shows with small but passionate audiences, like “The Mindy Project.”

PBS animated a 1991 Robin Williams interview
In the 23-year-old interview, Williams is asked what life will be like in 2020.

Billy Eichner performed a song on “Conan” that he wrote for Taylor Swift
“Glitter and Ribs” perfectly fits as a Swift song.

“Homeland” star Rupert Friend is engaged to a double-amputee former Paralympic sprinter
Friend is set to marry girlfriend Aimee Mullins, who”s now a model.

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