Jon Stewart’s return will be bittersweet, thanks to John Oliver

08.17.13 4 years ago

Jon Stewart’s return will be bittersweet, thanks to John Oliver
As Madeleine Davies explains it, “Jon Stewart is your best friend during the school year and John Oliver is the best friend you meet at sleep-away camp over the summer. He’s different, he broadens your horizons, you prick your fingers with pins and become blood sisters, then promise to stay in touch and meet up once the summer’s over. But then you go home, see your BFF Jon Stewart again, remember why you missed him and settle back into your own life.” PLUS: See all 32 John Oliver excuses for Jon Stewart’s absence.

Bebe Neuwirth is headed to “Blue Bloods”

The “Cheers” alum will clash with Tom Selleck.

“Mob Wives” star’s fiance gets 15 years in prison for drug trafficking

Joe Sclafani, who’s engaged to Ramona Rizzo, apologized to the court after his sentencing.

Can “SportsCenter” be saved?
The ESPN institution is trying to reinvent itself amid declining ratings.

Shonda Rhimes didn’t think of “Scandal” Season 3 when Season 2 ended

Says Rhimes: “We left the end of season two, and then we all came back and sat down and went, ‘What the hell is going to happen next.’ And then we figured it out. That’s the fun of it. I feel you have to leave it all on the page and the screen, and then go from there.”

White House press secretary asks his “West Wing” counterpart how to do “The Jackal”
That’s how Jay Carney welcomed Allison Janney to Twitter.

Here’s your 1st look at Ross Mathews’ E! talk show

“Hello Ross” premieres Sept. 6.

Rob Lowe’s new book will be called “Love Life”

The “Parks and Rec” star will reveal intimate stories in the follow-up to his memoir.

Donald Faison welcomes a son

“The Exes” star welcomed his 5th child this week.

Should “The Real World” end?

After 29 seasons, is the MTV reality show’s age that turned viewers off? Or is it MTV’s meddling? PLUS: “Real World: San Francisco” cast: Where are they now? (Judd Winick is working on “The Awesomes.”)

“Breaking Bad’s” Dean Norris delves into the “tread lightly” moment
There were two versions of that scene that were filmed, but the 2nd one, the one that aired, was more memorable. PLUS: What “Breaking Bad” gets right and wrong about meth, more reasons why Netflix wasn’t the only cause of “Bad’s” ratings boost, and 21 easter eggs that will blow your mind.

Is this Stephen Colbert’s “best segment ever”?

The “People Who Are Destroying America” segment on a gay small-town Kentucky mayor has gotten lots of rave reviews.

What is behind Laura Prepon’s exit from “Orange is the New Black”?

Is her departure some kind of ruse? PLUS: See the “Orange” cast in real life.

Jesse Plemons joins HBO miniseries “Olive Kitteridge”

The “Breaking Bad” star will be joined by “The Newsroom’s” John Gallagher Jr., Frances McDormand, Zoe Kazan and Richard Jenkins.

Russian political candidate uses “Game of Thrones” star Emilia Clarke’s image in “anti-rape” message
Clarke was identified as a local 24-year-old named Anya. PLUS: Sophie Turner becomes BFFs with Alec Baldwin’s daughter over Twitter.

Adam Driver promotes the “Girls” Season 2 DVD with “Masterpiece Theatre” theme

“Get in bed with Adam.” PLUS: Why did The Gap pick Driver to be a model?, and Driver poses with sheep for Vogue.

Johnny Galecki: It doesn’t feel like “The Big Bang Theory” is halfway over

“I personally don’t feel like we’ve told half the stories that these characters have to tell,” he said at an Emmy panel. “It doesn’t feel to me like we’re halfway through. I’m certainly not done working with all of these people.”

“Duck Dynasty”: Breaking down the cast’s fortune

Just by selling Duck Commander callers, the Robertsons are set to make nearly $45 million this year.

Is “The Newsroom” the best bad show ever?

“You have to be a genius like Aaron Sorkin to get away with a show as vigorously awful as ‘The Newsroom,'” says Rob Sheffield. “That’s the thing that makes it so agonizing in its watchability.”

See Spencer Pratt’s huge 30th birthday cake

Shaped like a giant 3-0.

Watch a mid-90s Jon Stewart and Louis CK

Stewart was a syndicated talk show host and Louis CK was a writer for Conan’s “Late Night” when they sat down for these interviews.

Jimmy Kimmel now refers to himself as “HusBoss” on his talk show
That’s because he’s husband and boss to the show’s co-headwriter, Molly McNearny.

Selma Blair is now a blonde

After her “Anger Management” stint, Blair has dyed her hair.

Presenting 7 “wonderfully terrible” reality shows that lasted 1 season

From Monica Lewinsky’s “Mr. Personality” to “Kid Nation.”

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