Judge Joe Brown arrested for contempt of court

03.24.14 4 years ago

Judge Joe Brown arrested for contempt of court
The TV judge, who is running for D.A., allegedly “blew a gasket” while going to court to represent someone in a child support case.

“Breaking Bad”s” Betsy Brandt lands on ABC”s “The Club”
“The Michael J. Fox Show” star, who just nabbed a role last week on “Masters of Sex,” will play the wife of a country club owner.

“Rookie Blue” gets 22-episode supersized order, but ABC will only show 11 this summer
No word yet on when ABC will show the rest of the Canadian drama”s 11th season.

Letterman tackles “The Good Wife” twist
“What the hell happened?”

Nick Cannon: “It”s official….I”m white!!!”
Watch the “America”s Got Talent” host transformed as a white man.

Netflix dropping “24”
Netflix users have one week to watch all eight seasons. Afterwards, they”ll only be available on Amazon.

“Archer” will mostly “unreboot” itself for Season 6
“I think this next season we will sort of unreboot, or whatever – deboot,” creator Adam Reed tells EW, “and get back to the basics of some spy missions.”

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