Just what is ‘Harry Potter’ author J.K. Rowling up to?

10.07.14 3 years ago

Talk about taking your job home with you.

“Harry Potter” creator J.K. Rowling peppered her bestselling fantasy series with numerous puzzles, puns and riddles, and she's at it again, stirring up fans' excitement with a few cryptic tweets, leading some to think she's resurrecting the Boy Who Lived yet again. 

She tweeted:


The screenplay mention is more than likely a reference to the highly-anticipated “Potter” spin-off “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,” but what's all this about a new novel?

Her subsequent tweet failed to illuminate any further:


“Wand”? That sounds very Potter-esque, but what in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter does “Cry, foe! Run amok! Fa awry!” mean? Surely it's some sort of word puzzle, like an anagram. Where's Robert Langdon when you need him?

Since the final (?) Potter novel was released some seven years ago, Rowling has been unable to resist revisiting Hogwarts. She released a short story featuring middle-aged Harry, Hermione and Ron this summer. So a new novel doesn't seem too far-fetched, does it? But it could just be a sequel to “A Casual Vacancy.”

We may have to wait until someone cracks the code to find out more. 

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