Justin Bieber expands ‘Believe: Acoustic’ to include new material

12.28.12 5 years ago

It turns out that eight isn”t enough. Justin Bieber”s  “Believe:Acoustic” continues to expand. Originally slated as an 8-song EP, Bieber keeps adding new songs to the Jan. 29 release.

On Thursday night, he tweeted that he “had to write some new ones. Now I”m putting out 10 SONGS on #Believeacoustive. I”m telling u. PREORDER it now : ).”

In addition to the sales plug, the Biebs also gave more details: “Every song has a new guitar arrangement…1 w/ piano. Everything feels new.” 

Idolator has speculated that Bieber may have been writing new material with “The A-Team” singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran.

As Hitfix previously reported, Bieber announced the EP earlier this month. Bieber released “My Worlds Acoustic” in 2010, which featured stripped-down versions of songs from “My World 2.0.”


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