Justin Bieber shows his vulnerable side in ‘All That Matters’ video: Watch

12.03.13 4 years ago 2 Comments

In his video for the slinky, slow jam, “All That Matters,” Bieber and model Cailin Russo go through the motions. By that, we mean she  slinks around in a leather outfit and pearls (because she”s classy, y”all), performing stripper moves and reclining on a motorcycle, while he occasionally makes out with her, but mainly just watches her, in the Colin Tilley-directed clip.

When he”s not doing that, he”s looking like a wounded pup, straight into the camera. It”s a dimly-shot video full of striking cuts, all meant to show how much her love means means to him. And for the ladies, there are also a few shots of a shirtless Bieber rubbing his crotch, if that”s your thing. 


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