Justin Timberlake and Adam Driver sing ‘Please Mr. Kennedy’ for ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’

11.29.13 4 years ago 5 Comments

It’s hard to believe that the Coen Bros.’ “Inside Llewyn Davis” debuted at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival over six months ago. Now, after numerous festival screenings and events, its theatrical release is finally around the corner. Sure, it won’t be anywhere near nationwide yet, but Coens fans will take it.

CBS Films has provided fans an early holiday treat by releasing a complete clip of the best musical moments from the picture just in time for Thanksgiving. Featuring Llewyn Davis himself, Oscar Isaac as well as Justin Timberlake and “Girls” star Adam Driver, “Please Mr. Kennedy” also happens to be one of the most entertaining set pieces in the movie and drew spontaneous applause at its media screening back on the Croisette. More impressively, you may never think of Driver the same way again.

[And no, you won’t see it nominated for best original song. It was not submitted.]

Take a break from the holidays and check out the performance embedded at the top of this post.

“Inside Llewyn Davis” opens in limited release on Dec. 6.

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