Listen: Justin Timberlake reveals details on his new documentary and album

02.04.13 5 years ago

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Like seemingly every musician breathing today,  Justin Timberlake is making a documentary.  And we”ve already seen some it.

It turns out that the video snippet he dropped Jan. 10 announcing that he was “ready” to make more music is a portion from the forthcoming documentary.

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“That little piece of footage is from a documentary that we sort of started working on throughout the making of the album, which started last June,” Timberlake told Ryan Seacrest Monday. “It”s more of a little excerpt from that,” adding that if people didn”t know about the documentary (which we didn”t), the concept may not have made much sense.

He tells Seacrest he did more than 20 songs in 20 days. The album”s title, “The 20/20 Experience,”  came from a friend telling Timberlake, “This is music you can see.”

“For me, you write a lot of stuff and working with [Timbaland], we always have a great time doing it, when we work, we end up with almost twice as much stuff as will go on my record… you do end up with stuff that you scrap along the way.”

With first single “Suit & Tie,” Timberlake says when viewing the album as a whole, “when you look at all the music that”s  on the album, and let me tell you this as well, some of what we touched on with the last album, some of the interludes and pieces that would connect a song to another song, we”ve really gone sort of deep on that part of the process. A lot of the songs are really two in one.  So, for instance, as well, you don”t really think when you put a song like ‘Suit & Tie” out, because it really is like two different things happening at the same time, I know there aren”t many R&B dance records on the radio. This seems fresh to Tim and I and obviously Jay [Z]. So we said let”s put it out.”

He added he”s still in the process of working out his Feb. 10 Grammy performance:  “I”ll say, all over the world with the performances that I”m going to do, you”re going to hear some stuff that you haven”t heard.”  As you also know,  Timberlake, who performed at a Super Bowl party Feb. 2,  will play a concert at the Palladium in Los Angeles after the Grammys.

“The 20/20 Experience” is out March 19.

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