Female Gymnast Shatters Stereotypes As First Woman To Complete American Ninja Warrior Course

07.16.14 3 years ago

'American Ninja Warrior' has slowly been gaining notoriety since it's early days on G4 TV as 'American Ninja Challenge' back in 2007. Basically it fills the void left in our collective hearts by the departure of 'American Gladiator.' But never before has a woman competitor qualified for the final round in Las Vegas…until now.

Kacy Catanzaro absolutely DESTROYS every challenge thrown at her. A course that has bested everyone from professional rock climbers and Navy SEALS was taken in stride by this petite chick. She makes the Salmon Ladder looks about as difficult as traversing playground monkey bars. Her secret? Catanzaro cut her teeth as a gymnast and even earned the NCAA Southeast Regional Gymnast of the Year award in 2012.

It cracks me up how the announcers are both constantly amazed by the ease with which Catanzaro blows through each obstacle – stunned her tiny lady arms have enough strength to keep going – and her leaps of faith to close distances when her five foot height hampers her reach.

It's almost as if speed and agility can mitigate brute strength, that years of training for events like the vault, the bars, the balance bar, and the floor build muscle that is every bit as strong as bulky brawn. Huh.

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