Kanye West wows ‘SNL,’ releases ‘Runaway’ to iTunes, introduces ‘Christian Dior’

10.04.10 7 years ago


Kanye West had one hell of a weekend.

First, as previously reported, he wowed audiences on “Saturday Night Live” (Oct. 2) with “Power” and “Runaway,” both enhanced with elegant dancers and blinding white sets.

The performance marked what seems to be a first for “SNL,” in that it altered it’s traditional stage for a musical act’s needs. It was a first for West, too, in that he altered his “F*ck SNL and the whole cast” line in the second verse of “Power,” changing the subject to approximately, “And this is disestablishmentarianism/With my night goggles on, got military vision/And it’s still a very Christian way to think about livin’.”

It was about the same time that the track “Runaway” featuring Pusha T — who was also on hand on “SNL” — headed to iTunes, the second track available on the retailer from the rapper’s as-yet-untitled new set. “Runaway” made its complete debut at the MTV VMAs last month.

On top of all this, West also went back on his word.

Last week, “Lost in the World” made an unofficial leaky debut and, as a result, Ye took to his Twitter to say he’d be suspending his free song G.O.O.D. Friday scheme for a week.

That went out the window, as a mega-guest-star-filled track “Christian Dior Denim Flow” debuted on his blog for download. The song features traded verses from Kid Cudi, Pusha T, John Legend, Lloyd Banks and Ryan Leslie, built around the same loping chorus. West obviously couldn’t help himself.

“I’m really happy I was able to finish the song for you guys… I’ve been so busy finishing the album, the movie, the feature verses…” he Tweeted. He also assured L.A. Reid this morning that Nov. 22 is back on as the official release date.

Um, MOVIE? We’ll have to wait for that one, I guess, the hip-hop star had a long enough weekend as is.

Watch the full “SNL” episode below, and fast-forward to about the 45 min. mark for West’s first appearance:

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