Katy Perry flaunts a bejeweled grill in the ‘Dark Horse’ video preview

02.13.14 3 years ago

Katy Perry will turn into a blinged-out Cleopatra for her new “Dark Horse” video, which comes out Feb. 20. Watch the teaser below.

Anticipation for the video is high: Perry and Juicy J have had the No. 1 song in the country for the past three weeks.

Though the rapper is not seen in the video preview, he will probably be one of the kings who courts Katy Pätra, per the story that appears on an ancient-looking scroll: “Every eclipse, kings would travel from Brooklyn to Babylon to win her heart. If she fell in love, you’d be top dawg. If she didn’t, her wrath would leave you whimpering. Her name is Katy Pätra.”

We expect Perry to indulge in her usual over-the-top glamour. When a gold, hieroglyphic-adorned gate opens, it reveals a glimpse of Perry sitting on a throne. A quick close-up shows her wearing a grill made of purple rhinestones, which matches her purple eyeshadow. Her wink at the camera tells us that the goofy Perry of past videos is back in full-force.

Is “Dark Horse” one of your favorite Katy Perry songs?

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