Keanu Reeves samurai movie ’47 Ronin’ pushed back to February 2013

04.25.12 5 years ago 2 Comments

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“47 Ronin,” the Universal’s samurai epic starring Keanu Reeves, has run into some trouble on the road.

The film, originally set for release this November, has been pushed back several months. It will now open on February 8, 2013. The date seems less ambitious for the film, which doesn’t sound much like Valentine’s Day date movie material.

There are rumors swirling around that “Ronin” needs re-shoots, but the studio is maintaining that extra time is needed for the film’s 3D effects (Keanu in 3D? Whoa).

“47 Ronin” is based on the Japanese historical tale about a group of samurai who set out to avenge their master’s murder in the 18th century. Reeves plays Kai, a stranger who joins the group in order to seek his own revenge. The story has been dramatized numerous times through the years, including the two-part 1941 film “The 47 Ronin,” directed by Kenji Mizoguchi (“Ugetsu,” “Sansho the Bailiff”).

The latest version marks the directorial debut of acclaimed commercial helmer Carl Erik Rinsch, and co-stars Hiroyuki Sanada (“The Last Samurai”) Kiu Shibasaki (“One Missed Call”) Tadanobu Asano (“Battleship”) and Rinko Kikuchi (“Babel,” Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming “Pacific Rim”).

Reeves’ last big starring film, “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (2008), barely broke even domestically, but performed well overseas.

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