Kevin Spacey and ‘House of Cards’ has fun with Bill Clinton’s birthday

08.15.14 3 years ago

Kevin Spacey really likes playing Frank Underwood. I mean, he really likes playing him.

The “House of Cards” mainstay seems to pop up in pop culture somewhere every few months.  Spacey has intentionally pulled out the Underwood's voice on the Academy Awards, appeared in a very long White House Press Crops Dinner spoof and “won” the opening monologue of the 2013 Emmy Awards. Spacey even just flipped persona's with another Washington insider, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss' Selina Meyer, on the cover of Entertainment Weekly earlier this month.  Now, he's jumping into the 2016 presidential campaign.

(Well, not really, but that's how the cable news networks will spin it.)

Spacey, who is currently in production on season three of “Cards,” filmed a bit as Underwood to celebrate President Clinton's upcoming birthday which found the fictional President on the phone with none other than Hillary Clinton. It's definitely cute and shows all three have a sense of humor about everything going on around them.

Check it out in the video embedded below.

Now, are we getting a little bit of Underwood overload?  Let the debate begin.

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