Key and Peele’s Generosity Backfires in this Sketch for ‘Red Nose Day’

05.27.16 1 year ago

It's been almost a year since Key & Peele ended but it's good to know that Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are still killing it with comedy sketches. As part of NBC's 'Red Nose Day 2016' – an annual telethon where celebrities help raise money for helping children in poverty – Key and Peele filmed a sketch where the two men compete to impress their dates … by giving away all their life savings. 

What starts at smaller donations ($50, $100) soon escalates quickly into Key's house and Peele's assets as the two continue to keep one-upping each other. The humor that made Key & Peele such a wonderful show are all at play here (“I would donate myself into slavery and I'm black,” Key hisses at one point) and the sketch takes an even funnier turn as the guys find themselves screwed over by their own generosity. Anything for a good cause! 

You can watch the sketch below.

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