Kid Cudi gets arrested, plays Bonnaroo, releases new album’s first single

06.17.10 7 years ago

Kid Cudi has had a really busy week. Last Friday night, according to AP, he was arrested in New York for trying to bust a woman’s apartment door down, tearing the thing from its hinges, then breaking her cell phone. The Guardian says he was also found to be in possession of liquid cocaine and, in my ignorance, I had no idea such a thing exists.

Anyway, apparently arrest doesn’t really keep one from one’s calendar, so he was able to make his scheduled appearance the next day in Manchester, Tenn. at Bonnaroo.

So fast forward to today, and the rapper’ss ready for a more positive spotlight.

“Heres [sic] the first single from my new upcoming album MAN ON THE MOON II THE LEGEND OF MR. RAGER,” Cudi posts on his website, with a SendSpace link to “DOWNLOAD THIS GLORIOUS F*CKER NOW.”

We have simplified this process by posting said “f*cker” — “REVOFEV” — below, with a link to download on this very page. Like Cudi gunning it to the South on Saturday, we do it for the fans. The track was produced by Plain Pat with strings by Larry Gold.

And further commentary on the track: “Those having trouble pronouncing the title, its REV OF EV which is short for Revolution Of Evolution. Just let it flow ha say it how its spelled.”

“Man on the Moon II” is due in September, apparently, though we wouldn’t doubt it’d be pushed back. Why rush a summer jam of this caliber?

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