Kristen Bell says voicing ‘Frozen’ was great because she could work in her pajamas

11.18.13 4 years ago

“If you have a job where you can work in your pajamas, take it. Don’t think about it, just take it.” 

Kristen Bell said that jovially, but not entirely jokingly when talking about what brought her to voiceover roles for movies, television, and video games. In this case, the film we were there to discuss was the upcoming Disney animated movie, “Frozen,” where Bell gets to be a Disney princess.
As for what it’s like to enter that pantheon of characters, she told us “It’s very flattering,” and then added “I have loved Disney animation since I was five years old and saw my first Disney movie and I always dreamed of voicing one of the characters, but never really thought it would come true.  So, to have been inducted into this mini hall of fame is very exciting and flattering.”
Bell was also able to tell us that here character in the movie, Anna, is going to soon be at Disney’s theme parks in not just one, but two outfits. Bell said that the notion that she could go out and see this character she helped create in a park “feels like you’re a part of something special.”
Then, of course, there’s the role for which Kristen Bell may best be known, Veronica Mars. She let us know that they have finished filming the movie and offered up a little insight into her impressions of the campaign that brought the movie to the big screen, saying that “seeing that Kickstarter number rise higher and higher, we felt so loved.”
“Frozen” opens in Los Angeles on November 22nd before expanding nationwide on the 27th.

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