Kristen Stewart launches ‘Twilight’ film contest: Vote for your favorite character

11.11.14 3 years ago

Ready, “Twilight” fanatics? Here we go.

That “Twilight” short film contest (formally titled “The Storytellers – New Voices of The Twilight Saga”) we reported on back in September now has an official launch video (embedded above) featuring author Stephenie Meyer, Octavia Spencer, “Frozen” director Jennifer Lee and – wait for it – Bella Swan herself, Kristen Stewart.

“I am where I am because of all the strong women who came before me to help pave the way,” says Stewart in the MTV-exclusive clip, which uses a variety of talking heads to introduce the main idea behind the contest: to foster women filmmakers by giving them the opportunity to direct a 5-10 minute short film based on one of the characters in Meyers' “The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide.”

Before a winner is announced, fans are being given the opportunity to weigh in on which of the characters they'd like to see star in his/her own short film, from Alice and Carlisle Cullen to Alistair. Navigate over to the project's official website to cast your vote before noon PST on Nov. 19, after which the biggest vote-getters characters will move on to the next round.  

Ultimately five winning filmmakers will be chosen to direct their own short film based on a specific “Twilight” character, the production of which will be overseen by a “blue chip panel of advisors” including Meyer, Stewart, Spencer, Kate Winslet and “Modern Family” star Julie Bowen. One grand prize winner will take home a 2015 Volvo XC90 and receive an opportunity to shadow a director on a Lionsgate TV show.

Check out the official website for more details on how to enter.

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