Lady Gaga artfully hints first single could be ‘Applause’

07.24.13 4 years ago

Will the first Lady Gaga single from “ARTPOP” be “Applause?” That”s the hint we seem to be getting from Momma Monster.

A photo posted to LittleMonsters by LG”s make-up artist Tara Savelo, features Lady Gaga, with her hand purposefully obscuring the artwork, sitting at an easel, painting what could be the single cover. At the top is the word “Applause.”  A caption says “26 days,” which, as her fans know, is when the first single will drop. That would lead us right up to Aug. 19 for this royal birth.

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Lady Gaga

Letting go has been tough for Lady Gaga, apparently. Monday, she posted a make-up free close up of her face with the message, “As they pry the single from my bleeding fingers. It”s a scary thing to revisit those things underneath, the pain in your past. But all I found was raw passion. I thought I was destroyed inside. I”m ready to fight. Start the music.”

As we previously reported, the full album/app will come out Nov. 11, but fans can begin pre-ordering on Sept. 1.

In other Lady Gaga news, Forbes named her the top-earning celebrity under 30 earlier this week, estimating her haul at $80 million. This will come to no surprise to Forbes readers who remember just last month she came in at No. 2 on Forbes annual Celebrity 100 list behind Oprah Winfrey. What”s next? Parsing the list by zip code?

You know who”s not feeling Lady Gaga today? Lana Del Rey. A track called “So Legit” has leaked and in it, Del Ray takes several swipes at Lady Gaga, calling her by her real name, Stefani. Just a reminder, Del Rey”s real name is Lizzy Grant.  Idolator suggests Del Rey recorded the track in 2009, when the two were both playing around Brooklyn and were handled by the same manager, Bob Leone  (the same manager that Lady Gaga bought back six CDs and a DVD of her early music that he was going to sell at auction).  Listen to the track below. There”s probably a reason it was never released and it has nothing to do with the LG diss

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