Lady Gaga confirms a ‘Telephone’ sequel on ‘ARTPOP’

10.23.12 5 years ago

AP Photo

Lady Gaga was Tweeting about the presidential debates last night, and decided to use some of the time after to take questions from fans. One of those was about “the continuation” of “Telephone,” her mega-hit duet with Beyonce from “The Fame Monster.”

“Fact or fake?” asked fan @drunky_gaga.

“Fact,” Mother Monster replied.

No word if that means Bey will actually show up on the track, but obviously she didn’t perish in the great food poisoning incident in the epic music video for the tune, so why the hell not?

Gaga also firmed up that producers Fernando Garibay and RedOne would be returning for duty on her new album, and that the single from “ARTPOP” — her third studio full-length — will arrive next year, with more details pending.

She also recommended working out when one is in a bad mood. Just so you know.

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