Lady Gaga sets debut for ‘Marry The Night’ video

11.29.11 6 years ago

Lady Gaga has been setting up the arrival of her “Marry The Night” video as if it were a new album. She gave us a preview last week and  “The Prelude Pathetique” clip the week before, as we previously reported.

Now we”ll finally get the full clip on Thursday on E!, according to a tweet from Momma Monster.

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See the short preview below, which features Lady Gaga in a dance class and with a lot of eyeliner and cleavage. She directed the clip herself, after splitting with her creative director Laurieanne Gibson. She shot the clip around New York last month, including Staten Island. Aside from the below clip, she’s dropped other hints that the video looks at her past in “an artistic way.”  As reported, while in India, she revealed more, adding “I’m looking forward to sharing this autobiographical video with the world. I’m very excited. It’s my favorite song on the album.” 

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