Watch: Lady Gaga strips down for epic 13-minute ‘Marry the Night’ music video

12.01.11 6 years ago

Interscope Records

Lady Gaga goes from the depressing confines of a mental hospital to the dance studio to a parking lot filled with burning cars in the just-released music video for “Marry the Night”, the latest clip from the pop superstar’s “Born This Way” which also just so happens to serve as her directorial debut (unless you count last week’s “Very Gaga” Thanksgiving special, that is). 

Opening with a close-up of the singer being rolled along on a gurney – imagery that’s paired with some fairly pretentious-but-that’s-why-we-love-her voiceover (“I loathe reality”, she states at one point) – the video later segueways into a variety of different fantasy sequences that see Gaga taking on a whirlwind of distinct guises: black-clad pyro hellraiser, elegant ballerina, blonde bombshell in bedazzled denim, et al. – all of which, she seems to be suggesting, illustrate in some way or another disparate aspects of her personality. 

And yet for all the potent imagery on display in the aforementioned scenarios, perhaps the most memorable of all is the one (presumably taking place in the “real” world of the video) that sees Gaga flailing about the confines of a small apartment in the nude, dumping Cheerios all over her body (how’s that for product placement, Kellogg’s?), painting her hair blue (as in with actual paint) and splashing around a full bathtub in nothing but white stripper heels.

So while I doubt, based on the dubious merits of this video alone (there is such a thing as trying to cram too much in, and Gaga too often errs on the side of excess), that Mother Monster is destined to emerge as some sort of a filmmaker extraordinaire, the clip is nevertheless a memorable, frantically-edited (in the last half, anyway), visually spectacular feast for the eyes, and you can check out the full 13-and-change minutes below.

My grade for the video: “B” (an extra half-point added for the line “I wreaked havoc on some old denim”). After you finish watching, rate it for yourself at top left!

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