Lady GaGa talks latex, hair and Amy Winehouse

03.20.09 9 years ago

Is she for real? That was the thought going through my mind the whole time I was interviewing Lady GaGa a few weeks ago for AOL’s “Sessions.”

Her performance, including an awesome acoustic interpretation  “Pokerface” and video portions of our interview went up today.

As you can see, she kept her sunglasses on for the entire interview, which is always a little off putting. But she is a performance artist and I give her tremendous credit for committing completely to that. Plus, she is one of the most focused and driven artists I’ve even seen. She definitely has talent, but her sheer will is the driving force here.

She gaves some insight to her thinking here  when we were talking about calling her album, “The Fame,” and I asked her if anyone can have the “fame.” “It’s about a life of love and art and it’s very simple, but you must live it in every fabric of your being, the toenail color that you choose , the way that you speak. The things that you choose to watch and sing about. This is the fame.”

Lady GaGa is currently on tour.  Find a concert date near you here.

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