Listen: Lana Del Rey’s ‘Young and Beautiful’ from ‘The Great Gatsby’ in full

04.22.13 4 years ago

While some of the music we”ve heard for “The Great Gatsby” sounds like way too much of a stretch, even by Baz Luhrmann”s admittedly broad, genre-busting/time-busting standards, Lana Del Rey”s aching “Young and Beautiful” fits in perfectly.

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The tune, written by Del Rey and super songwriter Rick Nowels, with guidance from Luhrmann, captures the yearning of wanting to stay in a particular moment and the fears that come with getting older.  “Will you still love me when I”ve got nothing but my aching soul,” she asks? Even though she sings, “I know that you will,” you can hear her doubts.

Del Rey”s disaffected cool vocals, which can be so off putting in other circumstances, are perfect here. Despite the vulnerability in the lyrics, the ice princess persona here serves her well.  There”s one misstep in the words when she talks about her “man” joining her in heaven and how his grace and beauty “makes me want to party.” It”s almost jarring to hear that line given the elegance of the rest of the song.

Just like Florence + The Machine”s “Over the Love,” this song is from the perspective of Daisy Buchanan.

The Jay-Z-curated  “The Great Gatsby” soundtrack,  which also features Fergie, Beyonce, Bryan Ferry and more,  soundtrack comes out May 7. The movie opens May 10.

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