Another ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ trailer, and this show looks like a lot of fun

12.29.15 2 years ago

We've got another “Legends of Tomorrow” trailer, and this one — like the last one — focuses more on the fun side of the upcoming CW show. 

Also, there's a Boba Fett joke.

And plenty of action and explosions and White Canary throwing like 12,042 knives at people, despite being told not to bring any weapons to a meeting with ominous characters. (Speaking of White Canary, she will apparently get a love interest whenever our Legends travel back to the 50s, according to this Entertainment Weekly casting announcement.) It's really shaping up to be the DC version of “Guardians of the Galaxy” — which could be a great, or, if it doesn't live up to Marvel's blockbuster movie franchise, sad. 

Guess we'll find out which one it will be soon. “Legends” premieres on January 21, 2016.

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