Let It Rock: Kevin Rudolf kicks off first headlining tour

02.25.09 9 years ago

Matt York/AP

We have a confession to make: the first time we heard Kevin Rudolf’s “Let It Rock,” we thought it was the Jonas Bros. until we heard Lil Wayne’s rap in the middle AND heard the line “make you come….alive.” We didn’t think boys recording for Disney and wearing purity rings would utter that line.

It’s one of the catchiest singles of the year, as far as we’re concerned (and, we have no idea if this is true, but has been played 77 million times on his myspace page. Is that even possible? ) The rest of his debut album, ‘In the City,” has some other great cuts on it too (We’re partial to “Scarred”) . We have no idea how he’ll develop as an artist, but it’s an audacious start.

Rudolf is now heading out on his first headlining tour, which is pretty bold given that he’s basically got one single to his credit. The Let It Rock tour (naturally) also features Hyper Crush, Cash Cash, the Audition and Go Crash Audio. The tour starts April 3 in Nashville and is promoted by Live Nation.

For a complete list of dates , check Forecast.

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