Letterman is ‘flattered’ CBS chose Stephen Colbert to replace him

04.10.14 4 years ago

Letterman is “flattered” CBS chose Stephen Colbert to replace him
“Stephen has always been a real friend to me,” David Letterman said in a statement. “I”m very excited for him, and I”m flattered that CBS chose him. I also happen to know they wanted another guy with glasses.”

CBS says “The Late Show” will stay in NYC – and that Colbert was “head and tails above everybody else”
CBS Entertainment Chairman Nina Tassler says “we talked about everybody” to replace David Letterman. But ultimately, Colbert is “just is head and tails above everybody else and Dave is a very big seat to fill,” she says. “We”re huge fans, he”s inspired and talented for all the obvious reasons.” She adds that CBS isn”t concerned about Colbert”s politics. “We didn”t have concerns. We were most excited about his talent to be creative and innovative, and now he”s going to work on his idea of what his show will look like.”

Watch Stephen Colbert”s 2005 Letterman debut, promoting his new show “The Colbert Report”
Colbert talked about his upbringing in South Carolina. PLUS: Here's Colbert crashing Letterman's monologue in 2011.

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